How we work with the Trade

How we work with the Trade

At Hotel the Champs we value our relationships with the trade as much as we do with our guests who stay with us.  The following list summarizes our efforts to work with the trade who book stays and experiences with us:

  1. Best Rates (always below published public rates, even on packages)
    • Minimum of 20% below standard rack rates available to Tour Operators
    • Travel Agents receive a minimum 15% commission on bookings
  2. Trade only packages.  Some of our packages are only offered to our trade partners, giving you an edge in the market.
  3. Customized packages to suit your client’s needs. Through our relationships with local tour operators and guides, we are able to design what you want at great rates (some add-on package amenities are also commissionable)
  4. One-Stop-Shop.  There is no need to go to multiple service providers, we will make the local arrangements for your clients.
  5. FAM Trips.  We love the trade and we welcome you to visit on familiarization trips so that you get to know our staff and property before sending your clients
We have dedicated personnel working with the trade, so please email Monique at with your questions or booking inquiries.  You may also call and WhatsApp us, +1(767) 615-3533 (Monique) or  +1(767) 616-3001 (Lise) for assistance.
Our playlist: ‘Let’s Play in Dominica’!

Our playlist: ‘Let’s Play in Dominica’!

A Sample “Playlist” to Discovering Dominica

From North to South, East to West, Dominica has so much to explore.  At The Champs, taking the traditional bucket list up a notch, presenting a playlist guide to the best of Dominica, with options from easy to extreme.

  1. Drift down a “River of Dreams”

A river for every day of the year, so why not take a ride.  For the easy-going traveler, an Indian River boat ride is the most relaxing choice and it’s only five minutes away flowing through the town of Portsmouth.  For the more adventurous, let’s go tubing down the Layou or Pagua Rivers.

  1. Take a “Misty Mountain” hop (hike)

A must-do on the Caribbean’s most mountainous island is a hike.  The Champs is close to Dominica’s tallest peak, Morne Diablotins.  The 4 to 6-hour return trek isn’tfor the faint at heart but if that’s your speed we will arrange with certified guides.

  1. Go chasing “Waterfalls”

Across the length and breadth of Dominica are multiple waterfalls for a very Nature Island experience.  Three of our easy favorite choices are Milton (Syndicate) Falls, Chaudière Pool, and Emerald Pool.


  1. Look out for the “Three Little Birds”

Syndicate Nature Trail within the Morne Diablotins National Park is by far one of the best places to go birdwatching and see Dominica’s indigenous parrots and many of the over 190 species of birds on the island.

  1.  Go “Into the Deep”

We embrace all the water that comes with being at the center of the Caribbean.  At the Champs, we organize the best dive excursions with our local dive shops, dive training and certification is also available.  If you don’t want to dive, let’s go whale and dolphin watching.  Dominica is the whale watching, capital of the Caribbean.

  1. Lounge next to “Castles made of Sand”

Yes, Dominica has beaches, actually, Portsmouth and surroundings have some of the island’s best beaches.  Let our team put together a beach picnic and drive you to Coconut Beach, Picard Beach, Purple Turtle Beach, or Toucarie Beach.  All are within 5 to 15 minutes of The Champs.

  1. Let that “Pony Run”

Exploring Dominica by horse sounds like fun.  Take a guided horseback tour along historic forest trails in the Cabrits National Park and end your ride on the beach into the water.

  1. The lake is boiling “Hot, Hot, Hot”

Dominica is home to the world’s second-largest Boiling Lake.  The six-hour guided hike through Valley of Desolation takes you along unique terrains to a world wonder that will take your breath away.

  1. We are a welcoming “Famalay”

There are so many things to do in Dominica we can’t list them all, but our knowledgeable staff are here to help you find something to suit your tastes, just ask.


To Dine in or to Dine out in Dominica

To Dine in or to Dine out in Dominica

Dine with a ViewPerched in the hills of Picard, Restaurant the Champs is the ‘perfect’ blend of Chef Kevin’s mouthwatering meals, five-star service with a smile, and relaxing panoramic views of the best Dominica’s North West Coasts have to offer.

The Champs caters to a wide range of discerning tastes and our restaurant aims to please, from Pizza Nights to Fine Dining, everything is made fresh, balancing a delicious fusion of international and island cuisine.  Choose from a variety of in-house dining options:  in our top-floor restaurant,  on your guest room balcony or inside your room, or poolside.  Every option offers some of The Champs’ signature views.  What else could guests want when visiting the Nature Island?


The town of Portsmouth has a growing variety of options for foodies, be it lunch, dinner, cocktails and whatever the palette desires we can find it, even if it takes you off-property.  At Hotel the Champs, we are here to satisfy the varying tastes of our guests, our friendly concierge team can recommend and make reservations for guests who want to go sample the local and international fare around the town.  One option which we recommend is Zing Zing Restaurant at the luxurious Secret Bay Resort (Lise actually dined there for her 60th Birthday — Check out our earlier blog post).

Zing Zing is Secret Bay’s centrally-located, sit-down restaurant, which offers locally-sourced fare with a “no menu” dining experience set to jaw-dropping views of Tibay Beach. Zing Zing sets a romantic scene with a canopy-style roof, display kitchen and private dining room. The restaurant opens for dinner service on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00 until 9:00pm, by reservation only.   Source:






Dining around Portsmouth does not end at Secret Bay, guests can select from the 5-Star restaurants of the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski to fresh-caught local seafood at Keepin It Real in Toucari.  Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll get it done.

Introducing our new Chef Kevin Gregoire

Introducing our new Chef Kevin Gregoire

Chef Kevin is a graduate of the New York Restaurant School.  He is also a Red Cross volunteer and conducts disaster management training for the Dominica National Red Cross.

Join Hotel The Champs as we welcome a new member to our restaurant team. With many years of experience in local, regional, and international cuisine, Chef Kevin Gregoire is a refreshing addition at The Champs.

Our themed nights are back, so we invite you for Pizza Night on Fridays and Fine Dining on Saturdays or join us on another night to enjoy freshly prepared daily specials with island flavors and Chef Kevin’s twists on delightful international dishes.

As Chef Kevin infuses his unique blends to some of your favorites, we also expect him to introduce new dishes to the menu which complement the atmosphere of The Champs dining experience.



Call us at 1 (767) 616-3002  or email to make your reservations and come dine with one of the best views in Dominica. Or check out the Restaurant page on our website.


Sorrel Drink – A Caribbean Christmas Staple

Sorrel Drink – A Caribbean Christmas Staple

Pictured Above: Chef Ainsley Harriot’s Sorrel Cocktail Drink

It’s not Christmas in Dominica, and throughout the Caribbean, without Sorrel Drink.

Traditionally served during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, Sorrel Drink is a beverage made from the flower of the ‘Roselle’ plant in the hibiscus family (locally called Sorrel, the scientific name is Hibiscus sabdariffa).  The bright red petals are steeped with various spices including cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, lemon or orange peel, and ginger according to your taste. Some versions of Sorrel include white or dark rum, but this is optional. The resulting beverage is tangy and a bit acidic similar to lemonade and is served over ice.

At Hotel the Champs and restaurants and bars across Dominica, one is sure to find a version of Sorrel drink during the holiday season.



Chef Ainsley Harriot

In 2018, famed British Chef, Ainsley Harriot filmed an episode of Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen in Dominica.  The episode aired on ITV in the United Kingdom on Sunday, March 10, 2019, and featured a variety of traditional Dominican delicacies and highlighted elements that truly showcase why Dominica is the Nature Island and a must-visit.  The signature cocktail during this episode was Sorrel Drink, which he prepared right here at Hotel the Champs.  View the episode’s trailer here: Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen Episode 8 – Dominica


Photo Credits: AINSLEY’S CARIBBEAN KITCHEN by Blue Marlin Productions