Travel with Clem visits Hotel the Champ

Travel with Clem visits Hotel the Champ

Travel with Clem visits Hotel the Champs

    Travel with Clem visits Hotel the Champs

We are always telling you about how wonderful a stay at Hotel the Champs can be.  Today we feature a beautifully written experience by Travel Blogger, Clem of the blog “Travel with Clem“.    Clem recently visited Hotel the Champs accompanied by Dominican Bouyon Band, “Signal Band“.  In her review of the hotel, Clem says,

“Regardless of the room that you pick, you get access to all the room amenities, high speed wifi throughout the whole property, and a modern style bathroom that fits the vibes of the room you choose.”

She also give high praises to our restaurant and the breakfast menu:

..I was particularly impressed with everything we could choose from in the breakfast menu! In fact, because of their breakfast, they can easily rank as one of the top restaurants in Dominica… I love staying at hotels where I don’t have to think about breakfast, because it helps me jump start my day and save time!

Travel with Clem visits Hotel the Champs

              Breakfast at the Champs

Clem & Signal Band at Indian River

Clem & Signal Band at Indian River

Beyond the hotel, Clem and Signal Band visited some of the sites and attractions in the area that we also include as part of a Hotel the Champs package.  The sites visited were Indian River, Cabrits National Park, and Belle Hall Beach.

Visit Clem’s Blog to read the entry about her experience:  “A Stay at Hotel The Champs





The visit was documented by Discover Dominica Authority as part of a travel series collaboration.



About “Clem”

Clementine “Clem” Affana is a Medical Doctor by profession, an entrepreneur, travel blogger, business owner and life enthusiast. Passionate of travel and cultural immersion, she build the brand “Travel with Clem” in 2016, which teaches young millennials and busy professionals to travel the world without having to quit their full-time job. She has experienced cultural diversity in more than 20 countries.


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The Champs is ready for you!

The Champs is ready for you!

If things loosen up again, you don’t want to stay home anymore. You deserve a nice and relaxing break on our beautiful Nature Island!

We don’t know when you are allowed to stay with us yet, but you can pre-book your StayCation now and make sure you will be one of our first guests. Off course we will welcome you with all our heart and all precautions to both keep you safe and give you the best time.


We are continuously monitoring and following the changes in recommendations and guidelines of the local governments and the local health authorities in Dominica, to continue working towards providing the best service possible while safeguarding the safety of our guests and associates.

Hotel The Champs is ready to receive guests with these precautions. Our Hotel is currently being adapted for staff and guests alike, so that it is safe to take a few days off when things are loosening up again. In order to receive guests as safely as possible and to minimize the risk of contamination, the hotel has been examined. The working protocols have been revised so guests and staff can remain 6 feet apart. This new situation required some flexibility of management, employees and guests, together we can do this.

Specifically, the hotel, restaurant and pool area have been adapted in such a way that guests can stay 6 feet apart. Barrier tables have been created in the restaurant, so that there is always a table in between guests. In addition, breakfast and diner can be served on your own private terrace if you prefer. At our pool area we put a smaller amount of sunbeds so guest can still relax in the sun with enough distance from each other.


Off course we do everything we can to put our hygiene as optimal as possible. Extra disinfection of the most-frequently-touched areas like door handles, light switches and remote controls. Posters are used to point out guidelines recommended.

If you have any questions or you want to pre-book a room directly, please don’t hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp or Cell# +1 767 616-3001 We miss our beloved guests, so we hope to see you soon!


Live the life you love and Book a Stay at Hotel The Champs

Live the life you love and Book a Stay at Hotel The Champs

Enjoying Yoga on The Deck

Create your personalized stay at Hotel The Champs by booking things that you would like to do and places that you would like to go. Enjoy the relaxation that you’ve been yearning for.

Yoga lovers, email direct with Lise to get the best Discounted Rate when you book direct. Escape for an exciting moment by Joining The Champs Wednesday Yoga Sunset Crew on the Deck.


What to expect at The Champs

Super-sized and comfortable King and Queen Beds, with elegantly designed head boards with extra lighting, each with a balcony overlooking the ocean. Enjoy excellent comfort and service at an Exceptional Hotel – The Champs

Book a Stay at Dominica’s Best Hotel

Innovative designed packages of horseback riding in the sea, bird watching, diving, island touring, whale watching and lots more. Come book and experience the most noteworthy comforts of Dominica’s Top Hotel The Champs.

Visit with the intention to relax or explore, rejuvenate or hike. Whatever you wish to do we will design your special package to fit your needs. Discover the exclusive experiences that lie in Dominica – the Caribbeans Nature Isle.

How to Get & Use a Promo Code of The Champs

How to Get & Use a Promo Code of The Champs

Hotel The Champs would like to provide you with the best service and best discounts that you will not be able to find anywhere else across the island of Dominica. We are here to serve, pamper and make you happy.
Click here on this link and a new page with an email to will open. In that email the From field already has your email address. And in the body of the email are already the words asking for your Promo Code. Verify that all is fine, and click Send. Shortly after, during our working hours, we will send your Promo Code. As explained in the images below, use this Promo Code and place it in the upper right corner box, when you’re ready to book your desired room nights at unbeatable rates.



How to use your Promo Code

Hotel The Champs will provide you with the best discounted deals with the use of Promo Codes. When you click to book a room you will arrive to the page shown below.

Upon arrival onto this page, check on the upper right corner of your page and click on the date option that is there and choose your date of arrival. Next click in the empty box to the right of the dates and type in the number of days that you would like to stay at our hotel. Now click on the search option to the upper right on the page.

Next, look for the word “ Promo Code “ which is in the upper right side of the page just beneath the image. Type in your Promo Code in the box at the front of the word Promo Code.
The prices of the rooms will now change into the some great discounted prices.

Time to choose your room

It’s now time to make a choice from our three different room types. As your scroll down through our room options, you will see the difference in prices and descriptions so this may just help you to make a choice.

However when you have selected your room, click in the drop down arrow box at the front to state how many rooms of this room type that you would like to book for your stay.

When you have done that you can now click continue to make a better choice of things that you can do while you stay with us.

Additional Extras

Wouldn’t you just love to add more excitement to your stay at The Champs? Well here’s your chance to add as many options as possible.

If you would like to get picked up from the ferry or the airport upon your arrival, then the click on the plus sign, to the right  of the first option which is Airport /Ferry pickup or drop off.

The other options below being Dinner and Drinks, Birdwatching, Horseback riding can also be pre-booked.



Contact Details

We always need to stay in contact, thats why we need your contact details. Fill out your name  and email address. Ensure that you check this email address frequenlty.

Ensure to place a working cell phone number in correct  area. We can also try contacting you on your cell phone if  an emergency arises.

With your email address we will be able to send a thank you and welcome email address as soon as you book with us.



Card  Details are necessary to guarantee your booking.


In order to fully guarantee your booking your card details are necessary. Please choose your card type in the first block. Then in the second block fill in your card number

In the third block fill in the expiration date of your card. In the CVV section enter  the three digit number at the back of your card.

Enter the name that is on your card in the last section which states “Name on Card.”

Click next and now you have your fully confirmed booking with us. Feel free to send us an email if you need any verification . Remember we want to do all in our power to ensure that your stay is an enjoyable , satisfactory and long lasting memorable one. Thanks again

Dive Package: Top Hotel & Top Dive Center

Dive Package: Top Hotel & Top Dive Center

Dive Package: Top Hotel & Top Dive Center

Hotel the Champs and Cabrits Dive Center 

join forces to offer top-rated dive packages

The north of Dominica has been buzzing with excitement this year, but it is still somewhat undiscovered as a destination for dive, and travellers are enthusiastic to explore Portsmouth and the north.

Around the hills of the Cabrits National Park, in Douglas Bay and Toucarie Bay you will truly find some of the world’s top dive spots.  


[dwdc_cube_gallery dwdc_width=”400px” dwdc_1_image=”” dwdc_2_image=”” dwdc_3_image=”” dwdc_4_image=”” dwdc_5_image=”” dwdc_6_image=”” _builder_version=”3.26.4″ transform_scale=”91%|91%” custom_margin=”||||false|false” custom_padding=”20px||||false|false”][/dwdc_cube_gallery]

Hotel the Champs offers a top-rated personalised accommodation experience across an intimate five-room hotel and has partnered with Dominica’s only PADI 5 Star Rated Dive Centre, Cabrits Dive Center to offer idyllic dive and sleep packages for guests with varying dive experience and vacation wishes.

These dive packages have attracted the attention of specialized dive tour operators and the team from Hotel the Champs and Cabrits Dive Center were requested to conduct some training webinars to their Sales Agents last July.




A large US tour operator has already contracted to sell these dive packages through the 2020/21 season.  All parties are pleased with this partnership and look forward to taking this package model to other tour operators and trade partners and also directly to the visitors.

So, if you are reading this blog post and are interested to find out more, then contact Hotel The Champs or Cabrits Dive Center and ask for the special Dive Package offers.

Here is a nice article to find our more about Cabrits Dive Center and the owners Virginie & Rémi Granger.



Developing the Art of a Tiny Caribbean Hotel

Developing the Art of a Tiny Caribbean Hotel

Developing the Art of a Tiny Caribbean Hotel

In October 2007 Lise and Hans came to live and work in Dominica. They never worked in the hospitality industry and never formally studied hospitality. But they have stayed in many hotels and visited countless restaurants and bars.


Staying at Hotel The Champs has to be such a good experience that all our guests will tell their family and friends that The Champs is THE place to stay in Dominica.

That was the standard when The Champs opened on Nov 8, 2008, a standard that has worked well for many years. 

We are now writing July 2019. Almost two years after devastating hurricane Maria, after building a new roof, new interiors and beds in the rooms, after rebuilding and expanding the pool, after creating an intimate breakfast-and-dinner restaurant, and while still working on more great facilities.

And at a new level of tourism in Dominica with Secret Bay around the corner, Kempinski opening in October, the “Morocco Hotel” almost ready to start, Anichi under full construction. The 2008 standard is no longer good enough. Now is the time to develop the art of a tiny Caribbean hotel.

Join us in thinking and talking about the “new champs”.

We think that Hotel The Champs is not a typical boutique hotel, although it is much sleeker than a bed and breakfast. There’s an on-site restaurant, though that certainly doesn’t make it a resort.

There is a particular class of tiny hotels in the Caribbean, delightful little places with a handful of rooms, a lunch-and-dinner restaurant and, if you’re lucky, a pool or a beach.

They’re typically under the radar, the sorts of accommodations for seasoned travelers who know what they like, what they need and what they want to avoid. And Lise & Hans want Hotel The Champs to be part of that particular class.

It’s the special experience of Lise and her team offering a mix of Dutch and Caribbean hospitality, always smiling and cheerful, a simple hotel filled with simple pleasures for sophisticated travelers.
That’s precisely what we’re trying to offer at The Champs, perched on the hillside of Picard, overlooking Prince Rupert Bay, on the Nature Island Dominica, still waiting to be discovered.
It’s an hour-long winding drive from the airport over narrow mountain roads, but when you walk through the doorway and see that splendid million-dollar view, you’ll know that is was worth the flight and the drive to get here. This tiny little jewel box of a hotel has just five rooms, all contemporarily appointed with neatly designed wooden interiors and spacious bathrooms. But when you’re here, why would you won’t be spending much time indoors?



Because the top-floor restaurant is worth the trip all by itself, and so is the beautiful pool-deck set above the lush garden with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea and the hills of the Cabrits. Inviting and comfortable furniture and a crystal-clear little pool.

And yes, there are beaches at walking distance. Coconut Beach, Picard Beach, Purple Turtle Beach, all offer the authentic Reggae & Rasta experience with spicy rum-punches and local Kubuli beer.

And then there are the superior sea view rooms, decorated with local art, and the garden/pool level rooms, the ones that open right out onto the pool and deck, giving you the feeling of your own private balcony on the Picard hillside.

The food is excellent, with The Champs’s always-smiling friendly service and the rooftop tables where you’ll never be bored of consuming the incredible 270 degree view.

Take your time sitting down with your personal concierge Lise who love to help you exploring Dominica’s adventures or the quaint little colonial towns. After your day out come back to Hotel The Champs and end your day on the pool-deck, savoring a colorful cocktail while the sun sinks in the sea painting astonishing colors in the sky. And while the tropical night comes rolling it with all its stars and sounds, you will relax with the joy of knowing you’ve found one of the island’s best-kept secrets.

Come check out the new Hotel The Champs. The days of student-hangout have gone. No more busy bar with shuttle service. Now our 5-star personal service fully focuses on you, the hotel guest, the fill your stay with life long memories to make you feel warm inside when you’re back home in cold wintery weather.

Let us have your comments if you stayed at Hotel The Champs in recent times. Do you think that we are developing the art of a tiny Caribbean hotel? Tell us how we can do even better.

We love to learn.