Enjoying Yoga on The Deck

Create your personalized stay at Hotel The Champs by booking things that you would like to do and places that you would like to go. Enjoy the relaxation that you’ve been yearning for.

Yoga lovers, email direct with Lise to get the best Discounted Rate when you book direct. Escape for an exciting moment by Joining The Champs Wednesday Yoga Sunset Crew on the Deck.


What to expect at The Champs

Super-sized and comfortable King and Queen Beds, with elegantly designed head boards with extra lighting, each with a balcony overlooking the ocean. Enjoy excellent comfort and service at an Exceptional Hotel – The Champs

Book a Stay at Dominica’s Best Hotel

Innovative designed packages of horseback riding in the sea, bird watching, diving, island touring, whale watching and lots more. Come book and experience the most noteworthy comforts of Dominica’s Top Hotel The Champs.

Visit with the intention to relax or explore, rejuvenate or hike. Whatever you wish to do we will design your special package to fit your needs. Discover the exclusive experiences that lie in Dominica – the Caribbeans Nature Isle.