Traveling internationally brings multiple questions, so we at The Champs have created this segment in our blog to offer our guests (booked and potential) some travel tips and guidelines which will help you when visiting Dominica and for travel in general.  Our first topic in this segment is “Credit Card Payments“.


When it comes to payments there is little worry because International Credit & Debit Cards are widely accepted at businesses and ATMs across Dominica.  However, travelers may still need to make preparations with your banks before departing for Dominica.  While the main thing would be to ensure your card issuer is aware that you are in a foreign destination, here is another tip you may not have considered.

The National Bank of Dominica (NBD) is Dominica’s local bank with credit/debit card point-of-sale machines and ATMs across most businesses and popular locations on the island.  This makes the island experience very convenient for most, however, NBD’s ATMs and Point-of-Sale machines aren’t currently equipped to process chip only cards (that is those Credit and Debit Cards without the active magnetic stripe).  This can make payments in many places very inconvenient as most local businesses may not have a secondary machine that is chip-enabled.

While we at Hotel the Champs do have an alternate option, please contact your bank(s) or card issuer before traveling to get the magnetic stripe activated so you are not faced with any inconveniences when making payments.

We’re all about ensuring your travel convenience and we look forward to welcoming you to Dominica and Hotel the Champs very soon.