Life Long Memories; What a Treat at the Champs

Jul 2, 2019Guest review, Hotel, Sunsets, Yoga

Not every slogan that is proposed by our marketing team makes it to our website or a brochure. Here’s and example of one that we haven’t used (yet): “Make Life Long Memories; Our Treat”
But although we haven’t used that slogan, this week we got another nice proof that Lise and her team at The Champs do make life long memories and that guests that walk in as strangers leave us as friends for many years to come.
Have a look at this short email that Lise received this week as a reply to our emailing in which we were offering our summer specials.
Dear Lise,
Today I saw another email coming through from Hotel The Champs.
My husband and I visited you a few years ago.
What a wonderful experience this was, beautiful location – nature and how hospitable you were.
Delicious food, beautiful boat trip, everything was great.
I really enjoyed all the days I’ve been there and every time I see the emails I think back to it with a lot of pleasure.
I wanted to let you know that when your guest(s) are gone, the memories will remain in full force.
Thank you for that.
Love and a big kiss,
Now, that’s a nice email to receive, isn’t it? It makes your day.
Thank you very much “J.” for your very nice email. It makes us feel very good. Not only because we’re happy that we have been able to give you a life long memory but we know for sure that you represent a lot of other happy guests who have stayed at Hotel The Champs and who are aware that they received our special treat that we love to give:
Life Long Memories.