Hans and I love to walk in the early mornings. On Sunday mornings we try to explore a different area if time and weather permits.
In the week we go out no later than 6am but on Sunday’s we sleep a bit later, and start around 7am.
Today we drove up to the little village of Clifton in the North of Dominica which is about
25-30 minutes driving from Hotel The Champs. 
We parked the car near a small river and started walking.

On Sunday mornings you don’t find much traffic so it is safe and relaxed to walk on the beautiful road surrounded by nature.

 It is amazing to see all those different colors of green. See the ocean, we could even see Ies Saints.

 Feel the early morning sun warming your skin and then the little breeze to keep you cool at the same time.

 While walking we came across some breadfruit trees.   

Great to see it’s breadfruit season again.

 Breadfruit: Its name is derived from the texture of the moderately ripe fruit when cooked, similar to freshly baked bread and having a potato-like flavor.

 Breadfruit is most commonly used as a vegetable. The starch-rich breadfruit tastes similar to potatoes. 

Breadfruit trees are one of the most common trees seen across the island. A good bit of breadfruit trees survived the wrath of hurricane Maria.

We just bought some fresh breadfruit at the market on Saturday morning and the cook turned it into a great breadfruit salad. They first roast the breadfruit so it gets black on the outside. Then they peel it and chop in pieces. Fry them and add some (secret) ingredients to get a tasty salad.

Other than salad, breadfruit can be used to make alot of other foods such as fries, and even a beverage called breadfruit shake, which tastes very delicous and satisfying.

Breadfruits can be found at the market almost during the entire year as there are trees which bear year round. When you visit Hotel The Champs ask for the famous breadfruit salad, our cook will be honored treat you to the very best.

One of the most common ways to prepare breadfruit is by roasting. First of all you must wash your breadfruit, and place it on a lighted burner of the stove.

Ensure that the burner is turned down onto the lowest, in other words small flames. By doing this the breadfruit will have enough time to be roasted properly from the inside out.

The kitchen may become a bit smoky while the scent of burning will be in the air, but dont worry this is all part of roasting a breadfruit.

Allow the breadfruit to become black while roasting. When one side is black then use  a towel to hold and  turn the breadfruit to be roasted on the other sides. The image to the right shows how the breadfruit should be placed on the fire for roasting.

This can be a slow process but one which you will not regret and enjoy to the fullest in the end.


When your breadfruit looks like the image on the right side it is fully roasted. Turn of the stove, and give the hot breadfruit a chance to cool.  

After it is cooled for about fifteen minutes, use a towel to hold and start peeling off the dark roasted skin with a knife. The food under the dark skin should be light yellow in color. Ensure that the black or outer roasted skin does not soil the yellow inside as you peel so that you can have a tidy and edible peeled breadfruit.

Now you should have a rounded peeled breadfruit ready for slicing. Cut the breadfruit into two halves. At this point you will see two different layers in the inside of the breadfruit. Slice the halves and get rid of the inner parts of the breadfruit. Now you can use the sliced breadfruits to make breadfruit salad, or lots of other fancy breadfruit recipes.  



We can also share with you the best places near our place to have an enjoyable morning walk, full of relaxation and renewed energy.

Staying with us will entail a fusion of local flare and extraordinary local comfort. We have been living in Dominica for the past ten years and know all the best places to go, and enjoyable things to do and so we would love to share these with you.

Our main aim is always to ensure that our guests enjoy their time with us, so that they may have long lasting and exciting memories of life in Dominica